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ctejuan Apr 14 2017 5:32 am that is about 115 hours per month, (round to 120) which is about 4 hours per day. They should be together and kiss. just simple right!!! Still can't move on from this. episode 5 is crucial to know if she is indeed the bride(if she pulls off the sword or they should give a good reason if she fails to do so) or else bella's theory would be right. Is it coincidence also? Someone who lives on earth Dec 05 2016 2:53 am Goblin and Grim Reaper should had a fight scene. yah he can be soft-hearted but don't completely rehabilitate him & take away that 'darkness' side of him. Can't wait for next episode.. Goblin fighting!!! please, we've known before in the earlier episode when the queen stabbed by an arrow, so why did that scene keep replaying again and again? since Eun-tak has seen the sword, the mistery has been revealed. Its just 6 episodes, we still have 10 episodes to actually conclude everything. Gong Yoo is very handsome, very cool, and very sexy. Love it ! But this drama is better than DOTS. from left : Lee Dong Wook (as Grim Reaper/Wang Yeo), Yoo In Na (as Sunny/Kim Sun), Yook Sung Jae (as Yu Deok Hwa), Gong Yoo (as Goblin/Kim Shin) and Kim Go Eun (as Ji Eun Tak) I was anticipating this drama way before they released their teasers, I was hyped the moment I found out that Lee Dong Wook was going to be in it as he is my most favourite K-actor, after Kim Soo Hyun. //

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