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We talked again and then he couldn't take it again and broke off with me. You are gambling with your psychological, emotionally and spiritual health. We were never intimate; we kept ourselves physically clean from one another. He came back into my life again just before Christmas, just like he always does and like the fool that I am, I took him back. I have decided to move on. Is not a secret marriage optional? But still it hurts like hell. We would all be better off if they could be married and not to just the church!Thanks for listening!Kas. To ask the priest to decide between you and God is blasphemous. With John Darrell, Carolyn Hall, Joe Crane, Ken Keckler. We fell in love, he was my very first and true love…we never had sex, because both of us are very religious ( to be clear he was study at the time in seminary and I was at the university, but at my orthodox tradition, priest can marry as long as that happens before he become a priest). Remind this man of God that he cannot have his cake and eat it. Filmed in 1971 but not released until 2001. I have read it over and over again. but, almost 4 months into my pregnancy, i lost our baby, i had a miscarriage.thats when war erupted.i was condemned, cursed, hated and trampled upon...what pains me much is his silence, he is coping on his own pain and im left alone to face the devils.. and it hurts more that the church has somehow washed their hands on the issue. I’ve never spoken to my family about this situation because I don’t want to ruin the relationship my family has with him. He wrote long letter saying that he always loved me and told me to remember that no matter what he is here for me…we left everything as it is….one day life was even more surprising, I met him face to face, not planned and unexpected, how crazy is that we live in different countries and yet had to meet….what was next is beyond my life rules and my morals…we could not control ourselves and our emotions ( before I saw him I would be so sure that I would never have an affair …we had the most amazing love.. and the worst part was yet to come, saying goodbyes, we had too. It really helps to talk with women who are in similar situations. The priest has said my soul's salvation Is in the balance of the angels And underneath the wheels of passion I keep the faith in my fashion ... (I'm gonna love you all my life If you'd only be my wife I'm gonna love you night and day I'm gonna try in every way I'm gonna find a place to live However, you may be able to read in between the lines from the way she texts and when she texts. I was already falling for him but an unexpected thing happened between us so i have to let him go . If he is from the mainstream Church, there is a breakaway faction that allows its priests to marry and continue in active service. We were madly in love and I knew that if he would ask I would marry him on a spot…after four month he had to leave to study abroad….I stayed behind and he never called for next nine month( now I know the reason why, but back that time I was super angry) and finally when he did call, I was upset that I did not want to talk to him, I felt betrayed….years passed and I still had hope that maybe one day I will see him again… a few year later I got an e-mail from him that he still remembers me and he wants to see me. This site is very important to me. He should put his money where his mouth is and not just keep telling you how much he wants and needs you. He became a priest and even attended his ordination. To make matters worse, I am married and in a very unsatisfying marriage; my husband is sick so I am unable to leave. He started chatting less with me. We kept in touch but we drifted apart for about 10yrs and I recently got his numbers from another priest and we reconnected but i stopped calling for about 2months and there he was 2weeks back at church assisting as our priest was on holiday, this is after 20yrs and when i saw him, nothing happened, it was normal but now all those feelings are back and he's now acting of them and its so difficult, i do not know what to do, that is my one true love, we've talked about it over the phone and thru text but i believe real closure will happen once we sit and talk this through, he acknowledges he loves me but he made a commitment and im ok with that, i never forced myself on him then i certainly wont but i feel i cannot never love another man the way i love him. That is human nature - chasing after what is seemingly unattainable. I need to deal with this once and for all. I have a hard time believing God would turn his back on me for loving someone I’m not supposed to love. Reading these posts, I no longer feel crazy or heretical. It was interesting to write this within the confines of the words that were in the little box. I find this to be unfortunate and sad. After hearing him deliver a beautiful homily at her father's wedding, Fleabag realizes that the priest's words about love were really about God. Apart from those women who did not know the identity of the priest they went into relationship with, the question that begs for an honest answer is did the women who went into intimate/sexual relationship with catholic priests not know that by the virtue of the ordination to the catholic priesthood of the latin rite, priests are not to marry? Till then our communication lines went open again. Now, I still see him often and he acts like nothing has happened. I was immediately drawn to his love for God, and for his parish. Was it when I kissed his neck?No words. The feelings were mutual at one point (this was 2 yrs ago). Thank you . I truly love him. There was one more situation again that I can't describe and I got caught by my to be ex husband. He chatted less and less with me. We have to take responsibility for our own actions. There are no words when your world comes crashing down. when i've not seen him … There were subtle looks, loving gazes, hand holding, but we never allowed it to move onto anything else. But reading this, and knowing, that on some level I'm not alone, is helpful in a way. Oh my goodness, I have the same problem. I thought he was "family"; I was wrong. That man is wasting your time! Directed by Christopher Miles. I just initiated the end of my relationship with my priest. I'm angry at God for bringing me this person when I can't have him anyway. This needs to be addressed by scrutinizing the behavior of the priests who seek to attract the adoration of as many people as possible, regardless of gender, age or level of attractiveness.I hope that your site will open this dialogue and we can finally place the responsibility where it belongs, namely on both parties at the very least. Music, committees, etc. Stand by your decision, and the priest will respect you. Eventually the day will come when you can finally say that Fr. Even just half? This is by no means a justification of the scandalous lifestyle of any priest that enters into an intimate/sexual relationship with a lady whether or not he discloses his identity as a priest. I know the higher I get on this happines, the deeper I will fall...but the high feels to good. In the beginning I struggled as I wasn't able to comprehend. Thanks for your Blog. O.m.g.i feel the same way ,Iam dying the first time I saw him he was dress normal (not like a priest).and I fell in love with him since,and I think he feels the same way about me .he looks at me (eye contact )his eyes they are so shiny and he looks at my breast .hiw can I tell if he loves me .when I am leaving the church he saids to me cao Bella .i need help before I get a heart attack . Pastor’s are people. Run as fast as you can. We must constantly support them with our prayers, and should any of them be tempted to desire immoral relationship with us women, we should, like true mothers or sisters, discourage them from that without necessarily making them look like devil incarnate. It's gotten easier, but in no way am I over it. No pastor with integrity can date a person within their congregation, as that would be an abuse of power. I have been in a relationship with a priest for 8 months. As time passed, we decided that nothing was going to come out from this relationship because he wasn’t planning on leaving the priesthood . Is it that grave?" There’s no love there! I want him close too - why can't I let him be? The point of this view of mine is that we should desist from making a prejudiced case that smacks off tendacious scholarship, writing a sensational article that is definitely out to demonize catholic priests and priesthood. The hardest thing is to pretend that nothing is wrong. This website is intended as a safe place for Catholics and Former Catholics who are struggling or have struggled with some aspect of the Catholic church. I even got the whole family to go where he was transferred for a week.

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