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Like Share #3. [Rafiki, elated by the sight of Simba, follows him] Simba: Go away. Rafiki: Everybody is somebody. [The zebras bow, followed by the antelope in front of them, then more wildebeests, elephants, and the whole rest of the gathered crowd, all laid out in splendid array as seen from the perspective of Mufasa, Rafiki, and Zazu at the tip of the promontory] This is not a drill. Best The Lion King Quotes. 55. Tell you what to do. Although made mainly for children, the Lion King quotes can teach even adults about many important virtues in life. Although he doesn't want to reveal that that "somebody" was his father because the memory is far too painful, it's clear that what Mufasa said impacted his young son greatly. Simba: I'm nobody. His Majesty has requested an audience. And, who hasn’t recreated the famous scene where all the animals flocked to Pride Rock to witness the adorable, new king of the jungle, Simba raised by Rafiki? So I ask again, who are you?” — Simba (voice), The Lion King Tagged: nobody, Everybody, Somebody Amateur.Lie down before you hurt yourself. The Lion King is a 2019 American computer-generated musical remake film based on the original Lion King from 1994. “Lovers alone wear sunlight.” ― e e cummings. There are plenty of inspirational movie quotes out there that are entertaining and wholesome. Even a nobody.” – Rafiki. “Remember who you are. "My father once told me: protect everything the light touches, if I don't fight for it who will?" Well, who doesn’t like Disney movies? How weird is that?” – Young Simba. I know your father. - Rafiki. 28. 55. Even a nobody.' When I’m king, I’ll have to give you orders. “Everybody is somebody. 56 Inspirational Quotes on Life, wisdom, and love from “The Lion King Movie” Wisdom, self-esteem, bravery, courage, righteousness, and truthfulness are some of the key characteristics that have been portrayed as the basic traits of one’s life. Here you can find some of the best … 25 Most Important Lion King Quotes in the Movie Read More » “Change is good.” – Rafiki. From Cinderella to Lion King, the Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Pinnochio and many more.Disney movies were … "There's more to being a king than getting your way all the time." Toggle search bar Movie Quotes TV Series Quotes Cartoon Quotes Actors' Thoughts ... - Rafiki: Everybody is somebody. Remember who you are.” The Lion King is now playing in theaters! “Everybody is somebody. You are my son and the one true king.” – Mufasa. “Oh yes, the past can hurt. Our Favorite Quotes: 'While others search for what they can take, a true king searches for what he can give.' Upon his entrance, you will rise and genuflect.” – Zazu. Even a nobody.” – Rafiki. 63. “Being brave doesn’t mean you go looking for trouble.” –Mufasa, The Lion King. The best movie quotes, movie lines and film phrases by Movie Quotes .com ... - Rafiki: Everybody is somebody. The film's about a young masai lion named Simba, who must embrace his role as the rightful king of his native land following the murder of his father, Mufasa, at the hands of his uncle, Scar.. Rafiki: Everybody is somebody. 56. Simba: He died a long time ago. Let’s go through some of the powerful quotes from the movie that made it history. 56. Even a nobody. The Little Mermaid Disney Quotes 26) “If everybody got somebody by the hand, maybe everyone could learn and understand You don't even know who you are. “Think about it. All right? 64. 54. If you did not watch The Lion King while growing up, you probably did not have a great childhood! The picture looks almost real and contains some of the eternal lines and some new which will forever remain in our […] Walt Disney Movie Quotes: 1. Rafiki (John Kani) to Simba- “Everybody is somebody. His Majesty has requested an audience. Lyrics to follow me (rafiki interlude) by John Kani from the The Lion King: The Gift album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! 4. The question is: who are you? Everybody loves the movie―the characters, the storyline, the touching lines and everything in between! Browse other movie quotes on Ficquotes also. 2. "His father's strength is flickering inside. Rafiki is a supporting character in Disney's 1994 animated feature filmThe Lion King. Simba says this to Timon and Pumbaa one night as the trio looks up at the sky. Toggle navigation. We’ve all grown up watching our favorite Disney movies. “You think the only people who are people, are the people who look and think like you. 9. This is not a drill. Simba: Yeah, I think you're confused. "Out of the ashes of this tragedy, we shall rise to greet the dawning of a new era." The Lion King quotes: the most famous and inspiring quotes from The Lion King. I never will. “Everybody is somebody. Another great quote from The Lion King. SIMBA: Well, somebody once told me the great kings of the past are up there, watching over us. Register / Log in. E. E. Cummings quotes about love. Pumbaa: It's times like this my buddy Timon here says: you got to put your behind in your past.. Timon: No, no, no. The quotes of the movie are very popular among Lion King lovers and you can see some of the most famous quotes. How weird is that?” – Young Simba. 5. Upon his entrance, you will rise and genuflect.” – Zazu 62. So leave me alone. The most famous phrases, film quotes and movie lines by Donald Glover . Screengrabs, concept drawings, videos, avatars, cliparts, and much more! So I ask again, who are you?" “Well, somebody once told me that the great kings of the past are up there, watching over us.” – Simba. The Rescuers Disney Quotes 24) “To face the future with another who means more than any other is to be loved.” – The Rescuers. 53.) Follow us on. “The king approaches! 3. You can also browse other The Lion King (2019) quotes. When I’m king, I’ll have to give you orders.

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