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Heat milk, water, honey, and butter until very warm (120° to 130° F). Bread Machine Recipe - Whole Wheat & Rye Bread w/ Oats, Bran & Flax Seed w/ No Added Salt or Oil Original recipe, including ingredients and baking instructions text and bread photo, posted by Kalyn Denney on Monday, February 23, 2009 at "Kalyn's Kitchen: real cooking, south beach results". I'm wondering which flour is which? It had a robust flavour. Buster Bucks (author) from Sonoma County, California on September 27, 2011: So glad you liked the bread -- your photos look great! Here's a suggestion: make it as I've described, and eat it all yourself, with lots of creamy butter. Healthy keto friendly, vegan and paleo flat bread recipe which is made using flax seed meal. My changes were: 3 tbs honey & 3 tbs molasses for the sugar, 2 cps spelt flour for the wheat flour, and 2 tbs coconut oil for the oil. Just wanted to give some kudos - I have been trying to make homemade bread without a machine for the past 2 months or so. This is my first time making bread. I just made the bread today. Amazing hub, looking forward to come back and fascinted by your posts. , "Fill your plate with the colors of the rainbow. (If you decide to make it using white flour instead of wheat flour, would you let me know your thoughts about it? Wish some of the other recipe sites would follow your example. Even my boyfriend's dad (who is a tough critic) enjoyed the bread. Beat 2 minutes at medium speed of electric mixer, scraping bowl occasionally. It really is an incredibly delicious loaf of bread. Last updated Dec 27, 2020. This is an awesome recipe! It’s important to use ground flaxseeds (better known as flaxseed meal) and not whole seeds. Flax Seed Bread. Since flaxseed is believed to have health benefits for consumers, flaxseed bread is considered a health food. Buster Bucks (author) from Sonoma County, California on September 25, 2010: Thanks for taking the time to write -- I'm so glad that both of you enjoy this bread! I'm leary of quadrupling a recipe... but I haven't tried it... if you're brave enough, then do so (to make the four loaves you mentioned in your note) and let me know how they turned out. It’s important to use ground flaxseeds (better known as flaxseed meal) and not whole seeds. Flaxseed, also known as linseed, are small seeds that can be eaten whole, ground up, or made into an oil. This coconut flour flaxseed bread recipe is delicious, easy and really versatile. YUM! Buster Bucks (author) from Sonoma County, California on July 17, 2011: Lucy: so glad you enjoyed it, and plan to make it again. It was the best flax bread I have ever made.I have been making bread for over 40 yrs. Grind flaxseeds and almonds into fine flour. Pour the mix into a well-oiled … This recipe is meant for a bread machine and since so many of you have those sitting in the back of your cupboards, I thought it might be an inspiration to pull them out! Although, I did have to add a little more flour, but I know I will make this bread again, it has wonderful flavor! My cholesterol is out of control. Skip. Healthy keto friendly, vegan and paleo flat bread recipe which is made using flax seed meal. I need to get more healthy stuff into me, so I'm going to fix it tomorrow. I started making this flax seed flatbread because last year I ventured into making gluten free food. JMHOrlando: Best wishes for a perfect loaf! In a large bowl, whisk flax seed meal, baking powder, 1 teaspoon fine sea salt, and sugar. Buster Bucks (author) from Sonoma County, California on June 04, 2010: No, I've not tried it without the white flour. I'm going to go buy whole wheat flour later so I can follow your recipe to the "T"! It is on the second rise cycle. And, maybe some Stevia as a sugar substitute? I hand kneaded mine and this time used my kitchen aid so I'm curious to see if there are any differences. It's easy to make -- let me know how it turns out. Buster Bucks (author) from Sonoma County, California on September 12, 2010: Yay! That's all there is to it. My experience in bread making (40 years) suggested that 1 3/4 cups water was a lot for one loaf, and sure enough, I got a batter rather than a dough. Buster Bucks (author) from Sonoma County, California on June 04, 2009: Good luck! Thanks! He was hooked. i tried to make it as low carb as possible and it's turning out great!! Tag me on your, #eatingcheating time! This roti taste really good and slightly nutty. This search takes into account your taste preferences . They were only good when warm :). Never found a flax bread recipe or store bought for that matter as good as this.Followed the recipe exactly which I always do the first time I use a new recipe.This ones is a keeper for sure. I've made this bread two times in two days. Either way, it was and will be delicious and I'm looking forward to my second round of this bread..mmmm. If baking this keto flaxseed bread recipe with a bread tin, slice the bread and store as individual slices. Cuisine: Indian. Last updated Dec 15, 2020. Thank you for the receipe!! Aarthi. Shape it with your oil-covered hands so it fits snugly into the pan. Buster Bucks (author) from Sonoma County, California on October 25, 2011: I've never tried substituting rye flour for the wheat, so I'm unable to answer your question. One of the drawbacks for me is that it seems time consuming. Thanks for the recipe. My husband and I love this bread; so healthy and so delicious. Let's face it—we all know we're supposed to eat more whole wheat bread and more fiber... but it's hard to do sometimes because it seems so dense and heavy. This is my first bread by hand. One serving of this low carb bread will provide 165 calories, 14.5g fat and just 4g of carbs compared to standard 13-15g carbs for a slice of white bread. #eatingcheating time! Bake. Ideally, sift the flaxseed flour to make sure there are no actual "seeds". Save Recipe. Does the bread rise Ok Daniel? I'm making it for the second time today. In a measuring cup, stir together the water, molasses (or honey), and oil until the molasses is fully dissolved; set aside. for collab, Easy and quick to make healthy recipes. Now the trick is not to eat the whole loaf in one day...for future..would this bread freeze well(whether before or after it's been baked?) Mix this with your spoon until it's incorporated—really easy to do. White Bread Focaccia Bread Wheat Bread Raisin Bread Sandwich Bread Any Type of Bread. The taste of this is slightly nutty and the flat breads were soft. This is a keeper for sure. Add psyllium flakes and salt and stir everything again. my mom is diabetic and i just made it for her today.. it's my very first bread recipe and the dough alone was sooo goood!!! Buster Bucks (author) from Sonoma County, California on August 08, 2011: Your changes sound great, particularly for those who are averse to sugar. Ingredients. tag me on your last #cheatme, Do you eat fish on Fridays? Definitely the best of both worlds :) Thank you so much for posting this recipe! Thanks for steering me in the right direction! It makes a large loaf. Here it is. Spray a bread pan (9" x 5") with cooking spray. This is a delicious gluten free bread that is easy to make and full of goodness . we normally bake four loaves at a time in our house. very easy and very tasty. In a large bowl, mix dry ingredients. This bread was an experiment in making a tasty and extra heart-healthy bread. In another bowl, blend the flax seed, baking powder, salt and oil. This recipe for flaxseed bread is a modified version of my 100% whole wheat sandwich bread. Leave recipe intact and make thinner slices. G L Strout from Ohio, USA on July 16, 2010: What a great recipe. In a coffee grinder or a mill, grind the flax seeds. Prep Time: 15 minutes: Cook Time: 50 minutes: Servings: slices. Is it best to substitute an equal amount of flour for the flaxseed or just add the flaxseed in addition to the full amount of flour? Thanks again. Prep Time: 10 minutes. Flax seed flatbread – really quick vegan/gluten free bread. Ron from http://www.intervalstraining.net, Thanks for helping me make my very first loaf of bread. salt, yeast, sugar, … Flaxseed is so nutritious for you; it has lots of minerals, fibre ,omega 3 fatty acids … Can I make several balls in one day and freeze them? By baking something they'll enjoy eating. I work out several times a week and this is usually my breakfast with a bit of natural peanut butter for protein. Last week, I got an awful report from my doctor. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/18010/flax-and-sunflower-seed-bread Skip. Add the apple cider vinegar and water, and stir until the flaxseed meal becomes sticky and holds together in a lump, for about 30 seconds. Here’s all you need to know about the recipe: 1.) My husband loves this bread. A great complement to any meal, this no-knead flax seed wheat bread is poked with holes and baked with a cup of water for a steamed texture. Can I make this bread using all white flour? You've made my day. Flaxseed meal sourdough bread is new to me and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it, and also how much the dough smells like a bowl of Cheerios cereal. This is the first bread that actually rose as expected and didn't turn out like crud. Ground flaxseed is a novel addition to this dense and sweet breakfast bread. Can't wait to see the results. It's a tasty addition to any cook's bread recipe file. I just got done making this and it came out awesome, thank you for the recipe, i may add sunflower seeds sometime but otherwise it is a great healthy bread...I hope to try to make some rolls sometime and see how they come out. Buster Bucks (author) from Sonoma County, California on June 18, 2010: So glad you like it! As I'm typing this, the dough is rising. https://www.food.com/recipe/flax-seed-bread-bread-machine-143230 How do you get your family and loved ones to eat more healthily? Keto flaxseed bread is a good option as a side for breakfast, soups, and dinners. Which kind of bread are you looking for? I'm curious to know how it would taste and look.). This recipe is perfect for people with prediabetes and diabetes. LowCarbAlpha . FREE "6 Easy Tips to Quit Sugar" Guide! Last updated Dec 27, 2020. This recipe is awesome. Later, after it's frozen, remove from the freezer and put on the counter. I really enjoyed this bread recipe, it turned out great! What sets this old German flaxseed bread recipe apart from most other bread recipes is the unusually quick and simple making process. I think it's a good idea to freeze it in a bread pan. No wonder it's hard and didn't rise! The bread is flavorful, has a nice dense texture and the making process is very simple! I made this once about 2 weeks ago and passed some along to two of my friends. Buster Bucks (author) from Sonoma County, California on March 31, 2011: What a nice response! Ingredients. Unfortunately, it's not the lowest in fat, since it's full of flax seed. Author: Aarthi. Such a saving on ink & paper. Due to the chia seeds, prepare the bread batter immediately prior to baking. Follow the directions in this recipe for preheating the oven, and you're ready to go. I'm new to bread making (brand new, this will be my first load). Is it possible to combine flax seed meal with Rye flour so as to avoid wheat completely or with any other type of non-wheat flour? This recipe really makes an incredibly delicious loaf. Apple Walnut Flax Seed Bread Joy the Baker. 30 to 35 mins. Thanks for sharing this. The bread is flavorful, has a nice dense texture and the making process is very simple! “The Happiness Is The Smell Of Freshly Baked Bread.”. This search takes into account your taste preferences. I suspect you misread the recipe. I tried this recipe today..the bread was very soft and tasty...we loved it... Buster Bucks (author) from Sonoma County, California on August 08, 2009: But the recipe DOES call for yeast. In a large mixing bowl, mix together the flaxseed meal, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. I had to make another loaf for my neighbors. Here's the flaxseed multigrain bread recipe! I came across your recipe a few days ago, and I m going to try this soemtime this week. Combine everything and pour the bread mixture into the bread loaf pan and leave it on room temperature for about 15 min. Let the dough sit for a few minutes so the coconut flour and flax can absorb the moisture. One other possibility: are you sure you used the right amount of flour? thank you for sharing this recipe!! Thanks so much!!! How often do you make sus. Gluten-free Flaxseed Bread Recipe. Thanks for taking the time to write to me. My gosh it was awesome and I'm a regular eater of flaxseed breads. The dip-and-sweep method tends to add too much flour (admittedly, the difference is minor... but for baking, every little advantage helps.). The water will become creamy-looking. flax seeds, baking soda, whole wheat flour, apples, buttermilk and 13 more . Thanks so much for taking the time to write. Thanks for taking the time to comment! Punch down your dough (don't knead it any more) and put it into your bread pan. Keto flaxseed bread is a good option as a side for breakfast, soups, and dinners. It's really amazing. I cant wait to dig in a warm bread... Buster Bucks (author) from Sonoma County, California on November 13, 2011: You've made my day! Here's how: after the first rise, punch down the dough then place in an already greased bread pan. I'm going to make a few loaves tomorrow but I'm going to substitute one cup of oats for one of the cups of whole wheat... wish me luck!! Is it best to substitute an equal amount of flour for the flaxseed or just add the flaxseed in addition to the full amount of flour? Searched online, this receipe sounds so delicious, got the flax seeds, will try it out this afternoon. It's wonderful! YUM!! The reviews look great. It's soft like white bread, but of course, it has all the healthy ingredients that your heart and body need. Buster Bucks (author) from Sonoma County, California on March 25, 2011: What a nice surprise to hear from you again. Stir very gently. Both people who had it said it was amazingly light for a dark bread. I substituted the whole grain flour for all-purpouse flour, it was delicious! We've enjoyed this bread many times. With the rack in the middle position, preheat the oven to 180 ° C (350 ° F). Mix the milk and water, yeast, and honey together in a glass measuring cup. But maybe you're thinking, "If it's that good for me, it must taste awful."

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