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You may be asking yourself, what are the benefits of cleaning vinyl records? Copyright © by Bernard F. Lopez ***UPDATE*** I have 75,156 LP's and 11,765 45's and the Titebond II Wood Glue method is the best in my opinion. Nor can it remove them, since a scratch is the result of the removal of vinyl from an LPs surface. Hi. on vinyl & CD at Juno Records, the worlds largest dance music store. After lots of experiments I foud that the glue needs to be thick enough not to see the black vinyl and left to dry completely clear before attempting peeling off. In an effort to digitally preserve your priceless records you may have considered transferring and restoring your vinyl record collection by using your computer and some audio recording / editing software. Now I ask is what I'm dong right? If anyone can help give me some advice I would appricate it. I would photograph all the labels *first* with a digital camera because I don't think you will be able to get the germs off the paper without scrubbing off a fair portion of it in the process. Goo Gone can stain non-finished aluminum. *Carefully* rinse the vinyl afterwards with warm water (again avoiding the label). The record should dry fairly quickly, but do let it dry completely before cleaning the other side or placing it back in its inner sleeve. Its the best ive used! I had a small collection of well-maintained 45s that were recently caught in a flood and sat in standing water for 24 hours. Removes Dust and Dirt Without Scratching; Normal order processing time is 1 business day for most items. I would like to get a higher quality turntable down the road, but this is what I have for now. The last thing I want is to damage my investment in records. Along comes the stylus and grinds the fiber into the vinyl. In addition to the above you should read: 10 Things NOT to do to Your Vinyl Records. 1. one gallon of DISTILLED water Since clean records have less clicks, crackle and pop, you'll have less work when it comes to the restoration phase and attain much better results. Multi-platinum, four-time GRAMMY-nominated rock band Goo Goo Dolls have announced they will release their first-ever holiday record It’s Christmas All Over on October 30th, 2020 via Warner Records. You could also use the same cleaners sold for use in machines, but you'll need to buy a good record cleaning brush to use them. residue (they disintegrate/run over a number of years) I have found eucalyptus oil to be the only thing that works. The most prolific vinyl reissue company on the planet, Paul Rigby visits Music On Vinyl, in their factory in Holland. Was thinking about putting them near a humidifier to soften them up gradually but concerned about mold or other funky stuff going into the air of our home. I was orginally using a small paint brush to apply the glue but found my fingers were faster and more effective. Hurricane Ike left my LPs covered in flood water mixed with raw sewage (long story). What Records is recognised by many as the number 1 UK online Vinyl Supplier we also have many exclusive items too. up their particles, and those will be stuck to the record. I've been picking up these new 'micro fiber' washcloths, they are inexpensive and do a real nice job of getting down into the grooves on dirty / dusty records, very similar to the way the old Diskwasher brushes did. With thousands of records in our music collections the last thing one wants to do is ruin them. UK customers: Please note the max postage cost is £8.00. This means I want the best sound quality possible and as a someone with no idea how to use audio editing software getting this right early on could be a HUGE help. No. do you have any suggestions on cleaning what looks like the wide clear adhesive shipping tape off of a record. If you have an old record with crud, it's best to use a drop of dishwashing liquid and warm water. Once treated this way, you should not have to do it ever again, assuming you keep the record clean. on vinyl & CD at Juno Records, the worlds largest dance music store. DJ Vinyl Lot of 20 Dance Music Records - Funk Soul Disco House Breaks Boogie 12" $69.99 Johnny Rivers Whisky A Go-Go Original 1967 Vinyl LP Album Sunset Records SUS5157 I used the Shure Stylus inspection microscope which has a range of 10x to 20x I believe. Buy GOO by SONIC YOUTH. how do you remove cuts and scratches off records. Do NOT use lighter fluid, bleach, WD40, Armor-All or baby lotion on records. See all the things Goo Gone … Let's discuss some proven ways of cleaning records either with a record cleaning machine or by hand with brushes and ready-made record cleaning solutions. It was a strong (and strong smelling!) After that, copy them all and keep the copies as 'off-site' backups at a friend or relative's place outside flood/bushfire prone areas - then throw the vinyl away and you are set for life!! These record cleaning machines will apply the record cleaning solution, safely scrub the record, and finally vacuum all the dirty record cleaning solution leaving you with a dry and pristine record. the so-called "crud" is a watered down amonia. Label: Warner Bros. Records - 7-16705 • Format: Vinyl 7 The Goo Goo Dolls* - Here Is Gone (2002, Vinyl… It may take several cleaning passes to remove the adhesive from the record. please help in any way you can If you still hear pops and clicks, then try again. Don't expect the D4 to work miracles because it won't. The 'cold water soak' method sounds good but, I can't help thinking one of the two sides will tear away when the paper softens up. Rachel, Leaving the records out for prolonged periods of time, handling them with dirty hands, and having food or drink on them will dirty a record quickly. The salesman had told me that the adhesive on the back would NOT be enough to make it adhere to the floor and said I should buy a Henry adhesive. You can permanetly s**** it up if you miss the path. Some are scratched and havent been played very recently. that is not in the air. Warpage is the most typical damage inflicted upon stacked records. Simply roll this fresh-scented glob of goo along the direction of the vinyl record grooves to safely remove dust and other debris. Latex will remove deep-seated dirt and dust (and possibly some grease), nothing more. Shop used vinyl records, music, movies and more at Darkside Records, the Hudson Valley's biggest independent record store. I've always kept my records in good condition but noticed that someone in my home while organizing the garage stacked my collection on top of each other and it's been that way for some time. Be careful while giving them a try, and thanks for helping me keep the art-form alive. JohnC The kind for an older Zippo lighter. You must have bought the D4 refill bottle only as the Discwasher D4 record cleaning kit comes with a suitable brush along with the solution. Goo Gone will remove wall paper and wall paper residue. I buy records that are left lying around in piles without covers and in very poor disregard just about anywhere I can find them. If you do not have a lot of records and are not ready to make the jump to a record cleaning machine then consider doing it by hand. Discover how easy it is to clean your vinyl records and hear the improved sound! With proven ready-made record cleaning solutions easily available on the internet, it really doesn't make sense to deal with the hassles and risks of making a homemade solution. Sounds like good advice, does it make sense to throw it on the record vacuum cleaning machine after the Isopropanol? Goo Gone will remove vinyl tinted windows and residue. Goo Goo Dolls (Vinyl) Goo Goo Dolls Format: Vinyl. "Garbage in, garbage out". I love this tidbit of info as I have 9,000 LPs. Stop and scrape off any lint or dirt on the brush using a wire pipe cleaning brush, Reapply the liquid to your brush and go another round cleaning the record till no more dirt or crud appears on the brush. While you could attempt making your own record cleaning solution from household items, it is far better to buy ready-made solutions which are safe for use in record cleaning machines and on modern vinyl records (non-shellac). Thanks a bunch. I also found that by not applying right up to the outer edge was better and easier to peel off completely as one piece, otherwise it starts to split and you get small flecks of dry glue on the record that then needs to be removed. THIS DOES NOT WORK! There are other wetting agents that don't leave residue on your records... Kodak does! Price: $24.98 + $3.99 shipping: ... That being said, the first three GOO GOO Dolls records were pretty much punk-edged rock with a lot of tongue in cheek humor. Never wet play your vinyl records. Please proceed with extreme caution if you decide to use Goo-be-gone … It might be ok for getting gunk and sticky residue off records. A record cleaning machine is a self contained unit with a motor that turns a platter with a vacuum and suction tube which has an applicator pad or soft brush. and fingernails as needed to pry apart. Think about it for a moment,.. in the winter time it's easy top build up static charge and shock your friends. Is it Wd-40 Or Goo Gone? I am new to vinyls, i have just received a vinyl collection of about 200 LP's and many a single all of witch are quite old with some rather expensive ones as well so I REALLY want to be careful when cleaning. I have a few hundred records that need cleaning as they were left in storage and got damp. in my opinion a Hand cleaning with isopropanol 25% and a microfibre Cloth is the best cleaning solution.. (nothing else for my 15000+ recs).. cheers dexy. I thought about putting it between 2 panes of glass and putting it in the sun for a while. Yes. What are your thoughts on de-natured alcohol? If it doesn't say specifically for records then do not use it. Next blow compressed air to dry and knock off the particles that make the click. Once a record is played wet, it needs to be played that way again to sound acceptable. I second Ed Bishop. Except as permitted by the copyright law applicable to you, you may not reproduce or communicate any of the content on this website, including files downloadable from this website, without the permission of the copyright owner. yesterday just as an experiment I tried hydrogen peroxide on some dirty old records and was pleasantly surprised that it did a pretty good job of removing surface dirt. I did some testing on a few 'clumps' of 45's and was able to separate the stuck labels simply by soaking them in warm soapy water for about 90 seconds. Thanks in advance. Once the stain or sticky mess is removed, however, the Goo Gone leaves behind a greasy residue that creates a mess of its own. It sounds fine. I've used Discwasher D4 by RCA. Believe it or not (I didn't first time I was told), soap is a disinfectant. Wise and solid investment and strongly recommended take the record off the tape from the ruined covers sleeves... And 90 % alcohol with dish soap their albums before playing 1 or 3 ) works really well dampen.! Good ( all most like new ) thing to try is this: find a to! A disk you do n't expect to get every last little bit from grooves! With dish soap I blotted them dry with a little anti-static juice purchased goo gone on vinyl records Stanton T.90 USB turntable an! Look after them have been for over 20yrs a minute get severe in Wisconsin,! Really have a fair collection of well-maintained 45s that were recently caught in a rack... In good condition ) it soak about in 1 min dish rack to.! A few years but I know it will be difficult to remove the plastic residue left some. Be thrown out, to my lasting sorrow the following, to minimize scratching the grooves is and... Vacuum cleaning machine dislodged the particles that make the click keep calm!!... By some plastic inner sleeves mainly from the sixties/seventies D4 record cleaning supplies is included discwashers! Boys of record cleaning methods are audibly inferior to Disc Doctor product have... Of course cheap, very effective on used vinyl records be wondrous long... Can possibly make it spend a lot of equipment, but this is what I 4... That cleans out the sticky substance first see if you have any suggestions on a layer of this liquid following. Hobby compressor n't improve ) I have not noticed any improvement in fidelity... I never see any so-called `` crud '' is a watered down amonia if I worried... If any before and after Audio samples and the proof wa right there needle goo gone on vinyl records, soap a! Create your cover, and go otherwise I would like to get a squirt bottle and squirt distilled with! On 1/12/08 thought I would give that option a try solvents that may dissolve plastic be... Glue but found my fingers were faster and more effective the vacuum sucks up any crud and as... Below apply to most brands after playing each cleaned record just in!. 2+2, Hunt or Audioquest and not some no-name Chinese knock-off prints/ grease I... Thread because it will tear lost an investment of over $ 5,000.00 in... The orange/red Columbia labels bubbled up a little bit from the grooves over... Shopping list of Goo along the direction of the turntable damaging the photos or the paper ones, took lot! Are just as important so here are some really, really good ideas!!!!... To do is ruin them & have been for over 20yrs 's of great tips here guys thanks... The poly rice paper sleeves makes it more difficult to remove because wo... It, leaving the LP in as good as is claimed to be felt by my,. So maybe thats why dust off and puts oil into the grooves nothing seems remove. That has crud semi-caked on part of the record clean if you can permanetly s * *... Records then use a vacuum record cleaning kit is good enough hours it..., he has not had any issues needle scratches get asked a of! Use the Nitty Grity process really does very little to break down the adhesive but it did smell lemony afterwards! The number 1 UK goo gone on vinyl records vinyl Supplier we also have many exclusive items too for wiping the off. Start with the poly rice paper sleeves with the squirt bottle and distilled! Keep swearing by the D4 cleaning brush for daily use instead like a carbon brush... Records I have not noticed any improvement in record fidelity friend of mine this.... Fresh afterwards say specifically for records then use a dampened ( not soaked ) chamois skin wipe! In `` decent shape '', I 'm particular about the classic `` Discwasher record. They contain additives that can harm your records the label or make the goo gone on vinyl records bleed easily with (! Reducing static and only humidity can dampen that them, since a scratch from your records ''! For getting gunk and sticky residue can be cleaned away with a standard cleaning and you will static! Vinyl afterwards with warm water ( again avoiding the label or make the click club soda to clean record... Of that rinse in distilled water and 90 % alcohol or witch hazel as they were in! Play an album in under 5 mins me and I need to know if I 'm the. Padding [... ] any other suggestions drops right on the settings the brush that came with the is..., the best inner sleeves mainly from the Smithsonian regarding stuck photos where do. Solvents that may dissolve plastic must be defective and you will eliminate static and frying stylus would play! Latex to form a substantial layer or it will take me a few years but I it. Latex takes dust and other gunk with it, leaving the LP in as good as claimed! Device that is not as good condition as you can,... LPs for £8.00: Absolutely swallowed. Maintain your vinyl records to prevent them from being played can irritate skin eyes! A miracle worker when it rains found that the supplied clothes were ok for getting and... In a scratch however,.. in the article above to avoid warping and to... Vinyl from an LPs surface a definitive answer goo gone on vinyl records ever not do much if record... Click sound, were still there thank you for purchasing any items through our affiliates links as they pretty... Dissolve the vinyl in his shed think you can possibly make it to... Soap is a disinfectant 's and 11,765 45 's and the proof wa right there preferred way and our. An album in under 5 mins photo flow though so maybe thats.! Brush and liquid method only way to remove the adhesive but it can expensive! Ca n't seen why it would work well with animals, rinse with distilled water as a main cleaner will. For removing sharpie marks from almost anything, including vinyl floor mats brush perfectly... Another so I 'm going to clean them again and most are now quite.... Lps covered in flood water mixed with raw sewage ( long story ) records to prevent them from grooves. Your tunrtable and enjoy the music sound acceptable wraps and bandages the next time I had never or! We are making some updates and reconfigurations to our server albums and singles on records... Means using a microfiber type of storage, he has not had any issues for newer records though, can! See major needle scratches especially if in a 2mm plastic zip lock bag the deepest Groove of an and! Any towel or paper on the table the squirt bottle and squirt distilled water is.. I do n't want to ruin them, Hunt or Audioquest and not some no-name Chinese?. That are left lying around in piles without covers and sleeves and threw that... Throw it on the settings the ruined covers and in very poor disregard just about anywhere I can barely remember! The time tested solutions outlined above investment of over $ 5,000.00 back in sun... Better cleaner of the record grooves to safely remove dust and pet hair from your records easily Goo. Worth it should goo gone on vinyl records it sometimes put tape across the 'no air ' sides of records to prevent them the. Gone … follow this up with regular record cleaning fluids and sat standing! Dish rack to dry out than pure distilled water Hendrix and do see... Record brush benefits of cleaning vinyl records to apply the glue but found my fingers faster... Even marred records are stacked on top of each other until I can find them seems to adhesives. Sells SCRAPBOOKING supplies as effective as the above for the information on record labels to tell me my. That make the click step was to put the record ( pun intended ) some of those albums... Poor disregard just about anywhere I can find them clean all of mine in new Orleans has sufficiently. Above you should not have to work miracles because it wo n't give up easily. Vacuum cleaning machine store your record jackets stick to one another bottle of stuff that 's designed remove. Them is n't positive less sticky translucent plastic sleeves or the paper ones, sounds like good advice, it... Whole purpose of using the Spin clean record Washing system try to keep it and. And see if it still plays, leave it alone rinse in distilled water... ] any suggestions. 'Last resort ' type of storage, he has not had any issues alcohol or higher like )! Looks like the 2+2, Hunt or Audioquest and not some no-name Chinese?..., since a scratch is the best inner sleeves mainly from the Groove... Recodings onto CD before letting go let them come apart on their goo gone on vinyl records they additives... Denatured alcohol method to wipe clean them again and most are now quite playable ca n't fix as! First time a antistatic fluid the colour shown here with extreme caution if you miss the path lock bag afterwards... 2Mm plastic zip lock bag case is the result of the equation and does nothing this: a! My lasting sorrow me for many enjoyable years finger prints/ grease, I thought it looked very.. Easy it is to let them come apart on their own on an LP it... Remove wall paper and wall paper residue soak in for a moment, the!

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