Frequently asked questions

The Wappiter Digital Restaurant Menu is a web and mobile app that allows you to offer your customers your entire menu of products (dishes, menus, desserts, wines, drinks, etc.) in digital format, with images, allergens and their Languages.

From our web control panel you will have access to a unique QR Code of your restaurant, which you can download and print. By reading the QR Code your customers can check your menu directly on the web or download the mobile application to have your digital menu always in their hand.

You can put this QR Code of your restaurant at the entrance or on the tables. In addition, you can invite your customers to download the wappiter App from the Android Play Store or from the Apple Store.

Yes, customers can consult your Digital Card and place orders directly in one click. Improve hygiene measures, save time waiting for your waiters and streamline the ordering process with the most visual digital menu for restaurant on the market.

Yes, apart from being able to see your products or drinks, your customers have available the menus of your restaurant, they can consult all the products of each section (first, second, desserts, etc.) and order what they like best.

Click here, add your products and make your restaurant digital. Try wappiter free for 15 days.

Management panel

For the management of all the contents of your menu, you have a simple and intuitive management panel from which you can enter and modify all the information of your restaurant. In wappiter, the software for restaurants, you can include from your logo, your business image, services or contact details (address, telephone, email), to the entire menu of products with photos, ingredients, allergens and prices.

You can access the program to make the Digital Menu of your restaurant from the wappiter website on any device, computer, Tablet or from your Smartphone. Click here and try for free for 15 days.

In wappiter, the program for restaurants, you have a section to add your tables and another to check the room status. When a customer places an order through the digital menu, the status of your room is updated and shows you which table the customer is at and what they have ordered. In one click you can accept or reject the new order received.

In wappiter you can include all the products you have. We know that other digital menus for restaurants restrict content to include, in wappiter it does not; If you have an extensive wine list, do not worry, you will not be charged more, the annual price allows you to add all the menu sections, all the products, all the tables, etc. you need.

Yes, Wappiter currently allows the use of more than 25 of the main currencies of the time and we continue to include new currencies every day.

You do not have to do anything, the changes are automatic and the next client who enters your digital menu will already see your information with all the sections of your letter updated.

Sign up on wappiter

You can formalize the payment through the Management Panel in a couple of minutes. Wappiter is integrated with Stripe, one of the most secure Payment Gateways on the market.

In wappiter there is no registration cost, nor permanence in the service. If you have not an account yet Click here to try free for 15 days,

Your digital menu will be accessible instantly as you register. From there it is up to you. In general, the initial setup process until all products and menus are loaded usually takes between one and two hours. Click here and try for free for 15 days.

If you have any questions, contact us in the web form, by email